Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Safety Lancets

AllayTM Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Lancets offer clinicians and point-of-care providers safe, simple and effective blood-sampling with both the clinician’s and infant’s needs in mind. Allay Heel Blade Lancets automatically retract, reducing the chance of inadvertent injuries or cross-contamination and are ergonomically designed with anti-slip, grip features on both the body and the trigger for improved precision, limiting trauma to the infant and maximizing comfort.

Features & Benefits:


- “Sweeping” blade incision causes less trauma than “Puncture” type devices
- available in different depths/widths of cut for individual needs
  - 0.85mm/1.75mm (preemie)
  - 1.00mm/2.50mm (standard)
- single-use only, auto-disabling to prevent unwanted sharps injuries
- arrow on bottom helps accurately align target area
- patented ergonomic anti-slip grip helps reduce chance of unwanted bruising
- easy-to-remove safety tab prevents firing prior to use
- sterile, individually packaged, non-porous material
- custom colors and packaging available for Private Label