Single-Patient/Home-Use Lancets

The sterile, Secure Lancets are available in 7 gauges, color-coded to reduce confusion in ordering and use. Secure home-use lancets are designed to fit most commonly available single-patient/home-use lancing devices, however, we recommend using Secure Lancets with one of our versatile Poise Lancing Devices. 

Features & Benefits:


- tri-bevel needle point to maximize comfort
- available in 7 gauges
  - 18g, 21g, 23g, 26g, 28g, 30g, 33g
- packaging and IFU in English, Spanish, French & German
- gauges are color-coded for easy recognition
- additional gauges and colors available for Private label
- also available in 50 and 200 count boxes and a 10 count polybag